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Learn About CareTracker for Long-Term Care

CareTracker helps long-term care organizations eliminate the undesirable effects of paper documentation systems.

Every minute, more than 14,000 resident observations are recorded using CareTracker.

CareTracker helps thousands of long-term care facilities improve the quality of their care, reduce risk, and increase reimbursement.

The CareTracker KioskBy placing touch screen devices (kiosks) in strategic locations or using an iPad at the point of care, CareTracker makes it easy for caregivers to record required resident documentation. As the information is entered, the CareTracker analysis tools constantly scans for changes in resident conditions. Management associates will be alerted when resident conditions change beyond certain thresholds -- like when someone may be at risk for a fall, hospital admission, or if the plan of care needs adjusted. CareTracker then allows managers to communicate important information back to associates by sending messages and updating resident profiles.

CareTracker shows and tracks all this information with friendly pictures that indicate which activities must be completed for each resident every day.

Point of Care Solution

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Clinical Intelligence

The Clinical Intelligence tool looks at millions of data records and quickly spots potential issues before they become problems. Alerts indicate residents who aren't drinking or eating, having constipation issues, losing weight too fast, consistently declining in ADL performance and more. Detailed information about each alert is only a click away. For more information, please see the Quality of Care page.


CareTracker allows managers to quickly communicate with staff about changes in resident care, in-service meetings, changes in procedures, and more. Managers create messages at their computer, and the messages show up on the kiosk or iPad when a staff member logs in. Managers know exactly who has (or hasn't) received the message because each associate must acknowledge a message after they read it. To request more information, please fill out the form here.

Resident-Centered Programs

Facilities can create and monitor the progress of resident-specific plans for restorative programs, behaviors, toileting programs, turn and reposition programs, and anything unique to a specific resident. To request more information, please fill out the form here.

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